Mysterious Lumas

A new science fiction novella
Stars of Tvestra series

Mysterious Lumas
by Leslie Wayne Doliber

** Now available on Amazom **

On the edge of a distant galaxy is a binary star system locally known as Tvestra. This small system is comprised of Tvestra Solana and Tvestra Primera and a collection of 7 planets. Three of these planets are habitable. The planets are smaller than our earth and have lower gravity and a thinner atmosphere. There are also several moons known as lumas around some of the planets. The system is populated by Sinmenian's which are like us in form, but smaller and able to breathe in the lower density atmosphere of their worlds. Their home world was originally Sinmenia which orbits Tvestra Solana.

Join Tzang Lux and the crew of the interplanetary sail ship Farre on their dangerous voyage. Only one ship has ventured so far out of the system and they never returned. Now the crew of the Farre will attempt this voyage to discover what happened and explore these mysterious lumas.